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Merinos Home Furnishings & Carpet in Mooresville, NC is permanently  closed.  If you are in need of assistance regarding any merchandise  issues, you must contact the manufacturer directly for help with any  Warranty Repairs.  For any urgent matters that may require our  assistance, please contact us via email only at: merinosnc@aol.com

Come and experience a truly unique way to shop for home furnishings! We  showcase our products in a 125-year-old textile mill, it’s floors rich  with history. The blend of old and new creates a relaxing atmosphere for  your shopping pleasure.  

On stepping inside, the vast space brings an immediate “Wow!” Stroll  through the wide aisles and sing to the oldies. Take your time – you’ll  find no high-pressure sales people following your every step. We’re here  to help with your questions. We want you to be happy with your  selections and the entire buying process. 

We have a wide variety of styles and prices. If by  chance we don’t have your color or style on our floor, where you can get  it immediately, our special-order options are sure to satisfy your  distinctive requests.

Please note that we do not sell online. Keep in mind as you are  browsing our site that the images shown here are simply to show the  breadth of styles we offer. They are not advertised specials, nor do  they indicate that we have those items on our floor at any given time.  Because we sell right out of our showroom, our floor stock can change  daily!

 Come and spend the day with us! After you’ve selected your furniture,  dine in one of our fabulous restaurants, The Barcelona Burger & Beer  Garden or our Alino Pizzeria, …… 



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Merinos Home Furnishings

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